Office Campus

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Office Campus

Buildings Coexist with Nature, Nature Accessible to People


Every office space has access to an outside terrace, where employees take a break and decompress on the patio as nature is organically permeated in work places. This unique design is intended to symbolize the most coexistence between office space and rest area, which resulted in being awarded “Best Architecture Of The Year 2003”.

  • 01Office Terrace
    Every office has access to outdoor patios, designed as open space without a roof where employees can bond with nature.
  • 02Patio
    A patio with ponds, fish, and trees
  • 03Trail
    A trail of flowers and trees spread out elegantly to reflect every season
  • 04Art Museum
    Art museum displaying various works of art
  • 05Cafeteria
    A space where employees can get a cup of coffee to relax
  • 06Gym
    Gym where employees can work on their health and enjoy leisurely activities
  • 07Amenities
    We offer places where employees can play basketball and foot volleyball
  • 08Office
    Our office has a trendy vibe that can help stimulate free thinking and creative imagination
  • 09Music Concert
    Periodic music concert for our employees, their families, and local residents community
  • 10Terrace Restaurant
    Employees can dine with their colleagues in our elegant autumn-themed terrace restaurant