Full Service Company

As a Collaborative Partner,
We Provide Our Luxury Brand Customers a Full-service Platform
Capable of Furnishing the Hardware (Manufacturing Know-how)
As Well As the Software (Product Planning, Material Sourcing, and Design Developement)

Full Service Company

Full Service Company

As a full service company competent to provide an integrated service ranging from material sourcing, design development, and quality assurance, to product planning suited to each brand identities, Simone have been engaged in the first launch of luxury brands in the market from the very inception of planning.

System Flow

Special Talent

Simone’s experience and wisdom offering full service
  • Prodction Know-How

  • Design 220,000 Patterns

  • 6,500-Year-Old Craftman

  • Standardization & Industrialization

  • Manufacturing Technology

  • Quality Assurance

Full Service Company