CEO Message

Beacon of the Past, Legacy for the FutureLeading Global Company with the Best Talent and Operation

CEO Message

CEO Message

Welcome to Simone. This is Kenny Park, Chairman of Simone.

When the company was founded in 1987, the luxury handbag market was uncharted territory to us. Although there still exist areas for development that need bolstering, currently we are very proud of our growth story for eventually becoming a leading global company whose sales accounts for 10% of the luxury handbags market world wide as well as 30% of the market in the United States.

Our persistent commitment to customers has led us to humbly constructa manufacturing platform, a reliable brand incubator that has been helping new luxury handbag brands launched in the market for the first time and subsequently grown for respectful brands around the globe.

Leading Global Company

Not settling for what we have achieved, Simone will continue to improve by defining new value from our 32 years of experience resonating in our heritage so that we redefine and reconstructour inadequate areas to prepare for the upcoming future.

Out of our many wishes, we will further establish a better company. To us, the definition of a good company varies in meaning: the company from which customers want to purchase products, the company into which investors want to make an investment, and lastly the company for which employees are committed to work. Among other things, we wish to be a good company where employees feel pride in their work. This is a work place where employees’ passion and self-dedication endlessly overcome ongoing challenges and combine greater accomplishment together with monetary satisfaction.

To a good company, what matters is that the market, the community, and its members, all three of these important pillars should be harmonized by balancing each other out. Rather than leaning toward one, we strive to integrate all three value into the pursuit of our vision and mission.

Thank you.