Ethical Management

With Honest Decisions and the Proper Idea, We Will Grow to Become a Global Ethical Company

Ethical Management

Ethics Management

It is our goal that the future of our company will be based on making the right decisions and following sound, ethical judgment. We will work toward earning the title of global leading company.

Simone emphasizes the relationship with our stakeholders as one that promotes the stability and growth of our members and our company. We will fulfill our ethical and legal duties, establish fair trade order, and fulfill our social responsibilities. We are pursuing a transparent and clean corporate culture to help us fulfill these duties and responsibilities.

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics
  • 01

    We will practice transparent management based on customer value.

  • 02

    We will be responsible members of society and will adhere to ethical and social norms.

  • 03

    We will establish moral values to maintain the honor and dignity of the company.

  • 04

    We will have a sense of ownership and follow the statement that “the company and I are one.

  • 05

    We will fulfill our social responsibilities and obligations as we work toward our social and economic development.

  • 06

    We will take the lead in the pursuit of happiness of life based on a mutual respect for all members of the company.